Even MORE Mario games coming!

May 10, 2006

If the previous four games were not enough for Mario fans to dream about, two more Mario games were announced.

[b]Super Paper Mario[/b] will be coming to the Gamecube, suprisingly enough. It will be much like it’s predecessor(s), and now Peach and Bowser will be playable characters. [url=http://www.576.hu/downloads/papermariogc.mpg]Trailer[/url] and [url=http://www.576.hu/kepgaleria.php?id=46129]screens[/url].

[b]Yoshi’s Island 2 DS[/b] will be coming to the DS, a remake/port of the SNES/GBA version. New content and the likes. You can view some screens [url=http://www.576.hu/kepgaleria.php?id=46131]here[/url].

Strange these were left out at the conference…