Extra! Extra! “Paperboy” Delivers on Xbox Live Arcade

February 12, 2007

One of my all-time favorites is headed to XLA this week. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, and what girl wouldn’t want Paperboy as a gift, Paperboy will be available on the Marketplace at 9am GMT (3am CST/1am PST).

This version of the game is enhanced with original content. It includes a co-op multiplayer mode for local or Live based multiplayer. It will be available for 400 MS Points and sport the following features:
[list][*]Seven stages (one for each day of the week) and 3 levels of difficulty – “Easy Street,” “Middle Road” or “Hard Way”
[*]New Xbox Live multiplayer: The standard multiplayer mode involves two player co-op play which can take place on the same console or over Xbox Live
[*]High scores are tracked on the Xbox Live Leaderboard
[*]Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points[/list]