Fable release date and Preorder goodies

July 15, 2004

I put in my preorder for Fable June of 2003. The only person at our EB who had it earlier than myself was Man U (the Asst. Mgr) who ordered it in April 2003. To hear that this game will be out in September is a great thing and to hear that they are giving away a sweet DVD as a bonus is even sweeter. There is only one thing that is sweeter than that and that is the fact that I have had my DVD for a few days already! Man U got a shipment with 2 DVDs in it and we were the first to preorder so we scored them. I will give you a rundown on the content a little later.

So like I said, September 14th is the magic day for Fable and you can bet I will be playing this one well into the night when I get it home.

Source: Gamespot