Film studio plans to adapt Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books into games

November 12, 2008

With a movie already in the works, Robert Jordan’s bestselling Wheel of Time book series may be returning to games.

Website VentureBeat reports film studio Red Eagle Entertainment will be opening a studio to take advantage of their rights to the fantasy books that have sold more than 44 million copies worldwide.

Producer Rick Selvage says games for consoles, PCs, handhelds and wireless devices will be co-launched with movies based on the 11-book series. A twelfth and final book is being written by Brandon Sanderson following Jordan’s death last year. The new company, called Red Eagle Games, will also make a MMORPG based on the Wheel of Time universe. Selvage and co-producer Larry Mondragon are still raising money to start the studio.

Jordan’s epic fantasy world has previously been adapted into videogame form in Legend Entertainment’s The Wheel of Time, a first-person action/RPG released in 1999. The Wheel of Time MUD, authorized by Jordan, has been running since 1993.

A film version of the first book, The Eye of the World, is in development by Red Eagle and Universal Pictures with no targeted release date. Red Eagle Entertainment was formed in 2003 after its founders obtained the rights to Jordan’s works. It has also published graphic novel adaptations of the Wheel of Time books.