Final Fantasy On Xbox 360 A Possibility

March 20, 2007

The mastermind behind the [i]Final Fantasy[/i] series, Hironobu Sakaguchi recently commented on whether the [i]Final Fantasy[/i] series (namely, [i]XIII[/i]) could eventually find its way to the Xbox 360. The simple answer is, yes.

According to [url=;title;1&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot]a GDC interview with Sakaguchi[/url] by Gamespot, the White Engine used by [i]Final Fantasy XIII[/i] is an “open platform” engine, and thus compatible with the Xbox 360.

“I feel that the [i]Final Fantasy[/i] series should come to Xbox 360 as well,” commented Sakaguchi. “This is wise. It makes so much sense to me …it has so much potential in North America and in Europe. So there’s a great chance for the series to succeed on 360 as well.”

Given that production costs are sky rocketing, it seems even more likely that many games will eschew platform exclusivity in favor of reaching a wider audience.

Saguchi currently has two games for the Xbox 360 under his belt with his Mistwalker studio. One of them is [i]Blue Dragon[/i], which was recently released in Japan and will see release in other parts of the world later this year. The other game currently in development is the much coveted [i]Lost Odyssey[/i].