Finally A Golf Sim Even I Can Enjoy

July 20, 2007

With the British Open taking center stage this week, Wolverine Studios has taken the opportunity to remind the world at large that its “realistic career golf simulation”, Total Pro Golf 2, is available for purchase and download.

The game, which is the latest sports simulation from Wolverine, has already been lauded at the “PC Sports Game of the Year” by respected game reviewer Bill Harris. Now, I’m not ready to call it that just yet, but after doing a good deal of research on the title (Gamasutra has a nifty Postmortem on the game going up soon), I can say that it looks very impressive, especially for an indie release. Plus, the game features both hardnosed simulation gameplay and more arcade sensibilities, so even I can get wrapped up hitting the little white ball.

Specifically, the game features two modes of play, each designed to appeal to different play styles. The first is a more hardcore simulation mode, while the second is referred to as a “tri-click” mode, which is said to suit more arcade style tastes.

Other features included in Total Pro Golf 2 are the ability to create a custom golfer as you progress through the professional and senior tours while working towards becoming a sports icon. The game tracks your career, and offers the ability to hire coaches, caddies, earn sponsorships and move between six tours both on American and European circuits.

So, for video game golfers looking for something new to scratch their itch, this may be just what you’ve been looking for.