First Impression: Guitar Hero On Tour

June 27, 2008

While I really enjoy Guitar Hero and games that allow me to pretend to be the awesome Rock Star that I’ll never be, I am historically bad at them. The irony in that is that I used to actually play bass guitar and still have a bevy of musical instruments stashed in my closet.

Guitar Hero On Tour is the first mobile version of the Guitar Hero franchise and comes packed with a slick new custom controller and stylus. The controller plugs into your DS’ GBA slot and it comes with adapters for both the DS Phat and DS Lite and is easily swapped with a screwdriver. The guitar pick stylus slides easily into the controller.

I spent a little time last night rocking out and I was cautiously optimistic about the game. I had no reason to think that Activision would screw it up, but I wasn’t sure it would work on that platform. I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s easy to reach the buttons while holding the system and I didn’t run into any of the issues I was expecting with regard to being able to see one screen while strumming away on the touch screen.

I’m going to try and get a full review done this weekend so look for that very soon.