First Impressions: 007 Quantum of Solace

November 11, 2008

The quantity of Bond games over the years is staggering and I approach each one with a little bit of hesitation because the quality varies so much. Quantum of Solace is different though. Kind of like rekindling an old flame, it’s made me realize again how much I enjoy taking on the role of 007 himself.

There is still that mix of stealth and blazing guns, but it’s at a ratio that I can handle. The engine is solid and the AI is stellar. Everything about this game screams blockbuster. Unfortunately for it, most gamers will probably be picking up Gears of War 2 instead.

If you’ve got the funds, you should definitely at least give it a look as my time with it so far is delivering a very rich and entertaining experience that isn’t to be missed.