First Impressions: FIFA 08

September 18, 2007

I like soccer. There, I said it. Every time a new soccer game or demo is out, I pounce on it and then eagerly wait until nobody is around so I can play it. You see, people in my family enjoy soccer, but they don’t want to watch digital soccer. I can even admit that it’s not all that thrilling to watch someone else play.

After the kids were asleep last night I finally got some time with the FIFA 08 demo. The demo is super short and has very limited options, but it’s a solid game. My wife happened to make the comment that it looked and seemed exactly like “that other soccer game we have”. She was referring to Pro Evo Soccer 2007.

Thinking back, it does in fact seem to be exactly like W112007. It feels and looks almost identical. In fact, I think I’ll go further in saying that W112007 has smoother animations and more softened models compared to this version of FIFA. With an extra few months of development over W11, I hope that EA really delivers a knock out, but after last night I didn’t see anything that really made me long to have another soccer game this year.

Am I missing something that should have me super excited for this new version of FIFA or am I experiencing what Madden fans have been complaining about all these years?