First Impressions: Gears of War 2

November 8, 2008

Like many of you, I spent all of last night mowing down locust in Gears of War 2. The first title was stellar in every respect and Epic has followed up with a game that exceeds it’s predecessor in many ways.

Graphically the game is gorgeous and it delivers a top notch experience. The locust AI on even the normal difficulty will make you second guess the notion that these characters are driven by the game and not some other human player. This delivered a top notch single player experience.

I’ve got big plans to head out into the realms of multi-player tonight and I suspect that even my grandest expectations will be surpassed by what Gears of War 2 delivers. If you are sitting on the fence, don’t hesitate to head out and pick this one up.

We’ll have a full review in the coming week, but don’t wait for that before making the decision to pick up Gears of War 2.