First Impressions: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

November 12, 2007

I’m a total sucker for LEGOs and Star Wars so it’s no surprise that the first two LEGO Star Wars titles have spent more time in my 360 than any other games to date. My family and I have logged over 150 hours on LSWII alone. I think this speaks volumes for the quality of work that TT has done. The number of oddities and glitches my 3 yr old son has found is another topic for another day.

With The Complete Saga now in stores, it was only fitting that I would pick it up and jump right back into the action. Nevermind that I have played virtually all of these missions countless times, this is a new game right? My 360 seems to believe it so it must be true.

Regardless, I think there is a lot here for those of us that have played through these games before and there is one hell of a deal for newcomers to the titles. For starters, TCS is only $49.99 versus the standard price of $59.99 and that comes with what was previously only available on 2 separate discs. A whole list of new Achievements, new features, and an online co-op mode and you’ve got yourself a whole new gaming experience based around the same levels you’ve played before.

It could be argued that this is merely clever marketing and re-selling something that has already paid for itself. I might be inclined to believe you, but I’d add that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for this particular title and if you haven’t checked out what they are doing with LEGO these days, you should.