First Impressions: NHL 2K8

September 14, 2007

After writing my preview for NHL 2K8 I was kind of geeked up to see the much hyped new features actually worked. I can safely report that 2K has done an absolutely amazing job on stepping up the level of control that you have over your player and the stick in 2K8. I ran through a couple of Quick Games last night and kicked off my first ever franchise in any sport game.

So far I am loving everything about this game with the exception of the soundtrack. While lots of the music is good in it’s own right, it just seems a bit out of place to me. At any rate, NHL 2K8 is a very deep game so I have a lot more to try out before I will be prepared to do any type of formal review, but so far things are looking up for 2K.

I have yet to get my hands on EA’s offering this year, but when I do I’ll definitely share my thoughts on which is the superior game.