February 14, 2004

I was able to get together some folks for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle action. FF CC really lends itself to the multiplayer aspect more so then the single player campaign. They are the same; however Square Enix really did make a game where you HAVE to work together with someone, as opposed to a Mog running around with you. Now if it’s a legit Final Fantasy will be debated, personally I think it’s a Final Fantasy themed Gauntlet, just with a graphic upgrade by about a zillion, but as long as it has that namesake, then I’m a happy camper.

Now to the touchy subject. FF CC is a great game. No, wait, it’s an awesome game. When you get together a crew to play there is nothing like it. However the downside is your best pals turn into your worst enemies very quickly. Soon after the first 2 levels you will want to kill each and every one of them. Simply because people gank every spell or item before you can, or because people change their inventory in mist of you moving about, or because (and mostly) people do not know how to move the fucking bucket along with the action. All those involved in last nights gaming are all cool with each other. But when it got tough, we turned on each other pretty quick. At first it was a passive statement here and there, then blatant blaming of one person for not doing their job. As it turned out, I became the white mage bitch and had to keep curing everyone while they got to hack and slash the baddies. Why some people run way outside the aura of the bucket though, is still beyond me.

I know it sounds bad, but in all seriousness, after we stopped playing, we could not stop talking about how fun it is. You really need to get your crap together when you play though, you have a role, and as such you must fulfill it or its lights out. So lesson of the story is, we are all doing it again tonight. Go figure.

Props to JAXANIXA, Draconian, and Maximus for the bad ass night. Mega props to Drac for the Corona and Dreamcast with Marvel Vs. Capcom.

I will be posting some pics of gaming session over at my pad. Stay tuned. Kupo.