Gamer Sets Out To Play 4000 Arcade Games Before He Dies

July 9, 2007

UK webzine Way of the Rodent’s own Rocky Howard has put his thumbs on the chopping blocks, announcing a personal mission to play, in order, all 4000 classic arcade games listed in Twin Galaxies’ official book of High Scores.

You sir, are my juke box hero.

You can keep up with his progress at the So, You want to be an Arcade Champion? website. So far he’s four weeks and thirteen games in, a rate of progress that should see him finish sometime around Christmas 2030.

But why undertake this task? Says Howard, “A bunch of us recently took a bit of a pilgrimage to the Classic Arcade Tournament over at Funspot in Americaland. I met a whole bunch of World Champions at the event and it got me wanting to make England proud and to bag one of them records for old Blighty.”

“Handily, Walter Day, keeper of the arcade scores at Twin Galaxies, had just released the latest set of records in a big-old book and as I flicked through the pages two things happened: my childhood memories of seedy, brilliant, East End arcades came flooding back, and I realised that there were a few scores in there I could probably beat,” he added.

And that, folks, is just what Rocky has set out to do…