Gamerush Tournament

November 7, 2005

This past Saturday was a Battlefront 2 tournament at the Blanco Gamerush. I just happened to drop the ball in letting everyone know. To prevent that from happening this week I am letting you know that this coming Saturday they are having their first ever Throwback Tournament featuring many of the “vintage” consoles we grew up with. Here are a few details about the tourney:

[quote]The tournament will last from 7 pm until around midnight, only at the Blanco-West Ave. Blockbuster GameRush. Bring anyone, and sign up today! Once again, the line-up is as follows:

NES – Duck Hunt
SNES – Super Mario Kart
N64 – Super Smash Bros.
PS1 – Tekken 3
Dreamcast – Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Location is:

8535 Blanco Rd.
(210) 979-6900

Ask for Brian or Steve[/quote]

They also have future tournaments lined up for NFS: Most Wanted as well as an all Xbox360 tourney. I’ll keep you posted on when those are going to happen.