GameStop Expo shows upcoming titles in San Antonio

September 4, 2012

San Antonio, Texas is not exactly the epicenter of the gaming world. It’s close to Austin, so that helps, but for some reason it was the site of this years’ GameStop Expo. This is a show tied to the company’s managers conference, where game companies provide special presentations and hands on demos for store managers and employees of the retail giant. The consumer-focused five-hour event was a bit like a bite-sized E3, with over 50 game companies there to show their stuff.

Since the event was near Snackbar’s San Antonio headquarters, we had an opportunity to spend some time on the floor checking out some games and taking some pictures.

The Big Three, as expected, had the largest booths of the show, with Nintendo showing off a massive number of games for the Wii U and the 3DS, including Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Microsoft had a few Kinects up and showcasing various upcoming titles, and also had a surprisingly-large section for tablets and other consumer electronic devices. Sony’s booth was a little more low-key, with God of War: Ascension the most memorable game on display.

Since the show was aimed at consumers, many of the booths were doing giveaways every hour. The crowds were insane during these times. You can see a picture of the incredible stash of giveaway items that Square Enix had up for grabs, as well as the massive crowd at the Atlus booth. Also at the event: Borderlands 2, Warren Spector, Skylanders Giants, Master Chief and a Warthog.

Check out the rest of our photos from the Expo over on Facebook. We’ll have hands-on impressions of some upcoming titles from the event soon.