Gaming goodness

September 8, 2004

If you look at the SB Wall of Shame you will notice last year’s Madden game. The game itself was in our opinion EA’s worst Madden outing. This year ESPN Football in desperation brought out a great installment of their football franchise at the competitive price of 20 bucks, so you almost had to purchase it. Well Madden, answered with its best ever incarnation of the king of all franchises.

I will have to write a review, but I am very impressed with Madden 2005, the new additions, small as they seem, add to a now (in my opinion) complete franchise mode. Everything I have ever wanted to do is now in the game, editing players, uniforms, strategy, player progression, storylines, I am content, extremely content. The game play is nothing like last year’s. I am not sure if they tweaked the engine or that last year I sucked at Madden but 2005 is great to play, great to run, catch and play defense. This game is as COMPLETE as you get. ESPN has a good, really good football game, but it’s not remotely in the same ball park anymore. Many would tell you otherwise, or argue how even the two are but in my humble opinion, its not even close. Pick it up.