GBA DS Cases

December 17, 2004

You have probably been wondering where I have been the last few days. Well, work has been busy and when not busy at work I have been doing some graphics work. Storing GBA games has long since been a pain since they come in paper boxes like all Nintendo games up until the Gamecube. DS owners will notice that the DS cases sport room for a DS game as well as a GBA game. Someone on the CheapAssGamer forum decided it would be cool to order a few extra cases from the [url=]Nintendo store[/url] (Go to Parts & Accessories. Click the DS. Click Parts & Accessories again and you are looking for Game Card Cases). They run $1/each, a set of 5 for $4, or a set of $10 for $7. Ordering 20 cases will set you back about $18.

Now you have cases to put your GBA library in, but they are plain. Aha, here is where the graphics work comes in. A few of the forumers started making GBA inserts from the GBA boxes. Simply scan them in, resize them, and fit them into a template and done. So I took the liberty of doing all my GBA games and helping out with hosting the inserts. They have come out quite nice. You can check out the [url=]thread[/url] for more info and you can see my repository of inserts [url=]here[/url]. Not all of those are my work, but quite a few are.

If you are into graphics and have a scanner and some GBA boxes lying around and are interested in helping out, let me know and I will get you started.