GDC: Sony announces PlayStation Move

March 11, 2010

During their Game Developers Conference press conference yesterday, Sony finally announced the name of their PlayStation 3 motion controller. Contrary to many reports, it will not be called the Arc or the Wand- it is called the PlayStation Move.

By utilizing the power of the PlayStation 3 and the accuracy of the PlayStation Eye, Sony says the Move will translate any player movement into whatever game you’re currently playing.

According to Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony, “The Move is fast, precise, and accurate. From the tiniest twist to the strongest punch, you can express yourself. This is the next generation of motion gaming. Nothing has been this precise.”

If this is true, the Move looks to herald a new generation of motion based gameplay, and from the looks of Sony’s lineup of studios working on games for it, this new generation will be upon us soon.