Gears of War Getting Multiplayer Update

June 14, 2007

Now months after the frenzied November 7, 2006 debut of the Xbox 360 exclusive [i]Gears of War[/i], Microsoft and Epic Games have announced the release of eight new achievements for the “Annex” game mode and the “Hidden Fronts” multiplayer map pack over Xbox Live. Completing the new achievements will net you an additional 250 gamer points.

In addition, Epic has also fine tuned the game’s Roadie Run controls “so players have greater control of their movement and can better annihilate their pestilent enemies.” According to a statement announcing the update, the download will also address multiplayer exploits and “provide general housekeeping.”

The new downloadable content will be released on Thursday, June 14. The new multiplayer maps will cost you 800 Microsoft Points, however all four new maps will be released for free on September 3.