Get An Achievement, Take A Pic

February 21, 2007

I have to admit that I do like the Xbox Live Vision cam. It’s a snap to setup, and for certain applications it really does add a neat – if superfluous – nuance to the play. However, MTV’s Stephen Totilo has apparently [url=]been brainstorming[/url] additional uses for the device, and I have to admit, at least in theory, his idea is fairly enticing. In a nutshell, Totilo has proposed the concept of ‘Achievement Photos ‘, basically the ability for the Vision camera to snap a pic of you each time you record an achievement in a game.

As said, in theory, this is, if nothing else, a cute idea that would create a kind of photo blog of a your Xbox Live track record – Totilo proposes that the pictures would then be used as the icons for the Achievement in your Gamertag profile.

[quote]We’d wind up with a visual chronicle of the time I’d spent at any given game. There’d be shots of me bright-eyed and thrilled, winning an Achievement for completing the first section of Halo 3, followed by a photo of me slouched lower in my seat, winning the Achievement for advancing to another section of the game. There would be a picture of me bleary-eyed next to an Achievement for finishing the game. There’d be ones for me winning various multiplayer Achievements, the photos snapped across several months and showcasing subtle changes in my hairstyle and the dA