Ghost Recon 2 PC Cancelled

April 11, 2005

A post on the Ghost Recon [url=]website[/url] goes into the details why the team decided to cancel GR2’s PC release. It is an interesting move to say the least.

[quote]This decision was not an easy one. We did not want to disappoint the loyal Ghost Recon fans, but we did not want to risk releasing a final product that did not meet their high expectations. With the launch of Ghost Recon 3 planned for Winter 2005, significant human resources were needed to ensure the quality of the future instalment of the series, thus potentially jeopardizing the quality of either Ghost Recon 2 PC or Ghost Recon 3. Taking into account their close release dates, and the fact that we felt the third opus would be a much more satisfying and evolved gaming experience, we were forced to conclude that it was in the interest of gamers for us to cancel the PC version of Ghost Recon 2. But Ghost Recon 3 on PC will hit shelves the fourth quarter of 2005, so the wait won’t be long, and will definitely be worth it.[/quote]