Go Gabe

December 10, 2004

Generally speaking, the guys over at Penny Arcade do just fine on their own. To make sure Child’s Play was huge this year, they had some PR firms help them spread the word about it and apparently one of the radio interviews they were slated to do went very very wrong. Someone dropped the ball and Gabe ended up calling in 12 minutes late. The host got pissed and wouldn’t put him on the air and ended up doing a big segment trashing people who play video games. You can guess this didn’t go over well with Gabe and he has a [url=http://www.penny-arcade.com/news.php3?date=2004-12-08#braying]few choice words[/url] for the host, BJ Shea.

I hope that is a little more clear. I was a little short with details the first time around.