GTA Banned in Japan

June 1, 2005

Kanagawa prefecture has banned the sale of GTA III to minors. This is the first time a game has gotten this kind of treatment there. Get the details from Gamespot [url=] here.[/url]

On a personal note I am sick and tired of seeing minorities portrayed in this light. Although I am a Hispanic American, its unfortunate that games protray African American’s in such a terrible light. What happens when next gen hits and the action looks even more real, or when the generation of consoles after that hits homes and action looks incredibly real? Why do these games sell so much? Why is Snoop Dog, and 50 Cent (both whom I currently have in my I tunes) so eager to endorse a game where African Americans kill other African Americans. The game is not in a war setting, but in the suburb setting, where people live and to get respect you have to be hard.

I am all about freedom of expression of games, but developers need to take a bit more responibility now a days, and parents need to do their job and raise their children right. It is an endless argument, debate, whatever. I have no respect for Rockstar Games whatsoever, not because the game is violent, but because its a crap game ruled by shock value of shooting other people and doing what you want. Whatever.