GTA:SA gets hit with AO

July 21, 2005

So it appears that the ESRB has decided to slap an AO rating on the current verision of GTA:SA citing explicit sexual content in the form of the “Hot Coffee” Mod that everyone has been talking about lately. Current versions of the game will be re-rated and Rockstar is quickly trying to remove that code so they can resume production of the game.

I never really mentioned the whirlwind of publicity this ordeal as getting because I thought it was stupid. For starters, it was dumb of Rockstar to shift the blame and act like the code was a full mod and not in the game. They got punk’d when someone found it in the PS2 version. I also find it stupid that GTA is being singled out because there are plenty of other games with explicit sexual content that aren’t getting ripped apart, but I guess if Rockstar had not been so retarded to begin with it may not have come to a head like this.

I can see it now… eBay is going to be full of people selling “AO” rated GTA games capable of letting you “Be the Man” in the now removed sex mini-game! Defending this industry and it’s actions is getting harder and harder.