Guilty Pleasure – Samurai Style

February 3, 2004

Everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure in life and mine just happens to be the intense hack and slash style of Dynasty Warriors. I know I have already mentioned that Koei is releasing Samurai Warriors sometime this year, but they launched the official website for the game this weekend. The gallery has wallpapers for some of the new characters, which are beautifully designed. I think my favorite is this ninja looking badass named Hittori Hanzou. The side bar of each character page shows a few screenshots and boy does this game look fantastic.

Further reading of the site reveals this quote along with lots of screenshots:

Circular blades, false staircases, floor pitfalls, and other traps lay hidden within castle environments. The auto-formation system (AFS) automatically generates floor plans and conquest routes for each castle level, delivering a new experience with each play!

My countdown has begun. Time to find out how long I have to wait for this game.