Guitar Hero 2’s Lack Of Wireless Is Disturbing

April 5, 2007

Back in October we told you that Red Octane had completed the PS2 wireless controller, but had yet to receive final approval from Microsoft to utilize their wireless protocol for the 360’s wireless treatment. This left the fate of GH2 on the 360 with the unfortunate duty of being tied to the console via a wire. This is hardly how we all want to rock out. Being tethered is so last generation.

With the game now in retail stores, wired controller and all, and Harmonix working on their next musical masterpiece, Rock Band, there is still hope that 360 owners will get the wireless freedom they deserve and want. One indicator is a listing, albeit a placeholder, for a wireless guitar controller for Rock Band. Gamestop has been known to jump the gun quite often so this may just be lofty buzz generation.

I asked Red Octane about the future of the wireless controller earlier this week and they responded with “it’s coming….hopefully…”. I can only assume there is still some sort of Microsoft related hang up, but I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet.