Guitar Hero goes Wireless

October 27, 2006

When the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 2 was announced, the first pictures of the controller looked wireless. It was in fact not wireless, but that has all changed and Red Octane announced the first official wireless controller for the franchise today. The controller will be released for the PS2 sometime in November. It will only be available separate from the game for $59.99. Preorders from the [url=]official site[/url] come with a limited edition Guitar Hero 2 shirt.

The obvious question is when the wireless 360 controller would be available and the answer to that was confirmed today by Red Octane with the following quote:

[quote]We have not yet received final approval from Microsoft to utilize their wireless protocol.[/quote]

So it is in the works, but things are on hold. Great news for fans of the GH series.