Guitar Hero III And The Raping Of Ears

June 14, 2007

I like [i]Guitar Hero[/i]. Quite a lot, actually. However, after watching the latest video for the upcoming, now Neversoft developed sequel, I find myself holding my ears while asking whatever rock gods will listen Just what in hell went wrong. Granted the game is not out, and I my change my tune after playing it – I hope – next month at E3.

From what can be seen in the clip, it appears that the developers have seen fit to change up the game’s head-to-head mode by adding a variety of offensive and defensive power ups coupled with some of the most intrusive sound effects I’ve ever heard. The ‘clank’ that has always followed the missing of notes in [i]Guitar Hero[/i] is meant to be annoying, but here the good and the bad are accompanied with the gnashing of metal and other grating noises that obscure Living Colour’s otherwise fantastic “Cult of Personality.”

Power ups such as these, which include “broken strings” and “lefty notes,” could be a nice addition, but with such a proven formula, it seems a shame that any tweaks should soil the otherwise pure rocking experience. From what’s shown here, it looks like someone got a puzzle game in my rock concert, and just like with Dance Dance Revolution‘s battle mode, I’m none too pleased.