Half Life 2

November 17, 2004

Despite Pickle’s apparent distaste for all games on the PC and my lack of interest in the first Half Life, I can’t help but feel left out since I am probably the only person alive not playing it. It is almost as if I am that minority that didn’t get sucked into the hype surrounding Halo 2 and chose to ignore it’s release. I sit here and wonder what cool things I am missing out on. I have heard that the physics engine is absolutely fantastic.

Thus arises the 2 main problems with PC gaming. First off, my computer is showing it’s age. Sporting a 1.2GHz Tbird pretty much embarases me when the topic of system specs comes up in conversation. Secondly, gaming on the PC is such a solitary activity. Unless I were to acquire a 40″ HDTV capable of allowing me to share my experience with the others in my household, it wouldn’t be as much fun (primarily for them). While I can sit downstairs and engage in a game of Jak 3 just fine, confining myself to the office to play on a tiny 19″ screen doesn’t lend itself well to the current status of our house. You see, our son is like a well trained commando whose only mission is to seek out and explore the forbidden areas of the house at all costs. He ignores all danger and puts it all on the line. Of course this means freqently pausing the game and voluntarily moving this activity upstairs into the office where there are a plethora of things for him to get into is just not a good idea.

With that said, if anyone wants to give me a new computer or a 40″ HDTV I won’t be upset. Maybe I can check out HL2 when it hits the bargain bin and this generation of computers can be had for $100 and a pack of gum.