Halo 2 Release Party

October 13, 2004

Now that we have come to the home stretch for the release of Halo 2 I wanted to get the word out about where we will be the night of release. Many of the stores have planned midnight openings to celebrate the release of the game and our EB is no exception. We will be at the EB in Huebner Oaks at midnight for the release. I know many of you are going to be anxious to get home and play the game so sticking around afterwards will probably not be something many of you do, but we will be on hand giving away copies of Halo 2. We have a handfull of them on order and some lucky people will walk away with a copy. Most of them are LE copies, but a few are vanilla copies of Halo 2.

Since I know most of you do not live in San Antonio, we are not giving all the copies away at the store. We are going to be giving away copies on the site as well. We will announce all the details and keep you informed on what great things we have planned.