Halo 3 Inspired Accessories Drop Next Week

August 31, 2007

With Halo 3 now gold and the countdown officially underway, Microsoft has a few goodies to tempt you this holiday season. It is the holiday season now right? I mean tomorrow is the first day of September. Anyway, the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers and headset are going to be available next week on Sept. 4th.

These controllers have been designed by legendary artist, Todd McFarlane and come in a Covenant Brute theme as well as one featuring Master Chief himself. They are fade and scratch resistant and come with a special Halo 3 figurine also designed by McFarlane. The controllers will set you back a bit at $59.99 each.

The new headsets come in Spartan green and gold and will be wireless. For $59.99, you better have a real need for one of these.

Also ready to hit store shelves are the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit that includes a chatpad and a headset. If you just have to get your IM on, this set can be had for $29.99.