Happy Valentine’s Day Activision!!!

February 14, 2006

I’m so happy to hear that you have given 150 of your employees (7% of the staff) extra free time to spend with their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. I’m also very happy to see that they will be getting even more time to spend with their loved ones after today. Activision, how we love thee. Such an employee-centric company should be honored, and thus, on behalf of Snackbar Games, we honor you.

Activision, you will be receiving in the mail (in 4-8 weeks) a lovely “Employee-centric Superstar!” plaque hand-signed by the entire Snackbar staff. We hope you appreciate this gesture, and we hope you continue to treat your employees so kindly in the future.

Source: [url=http://www.joystiq.com/2006/02/14/activision-hands-out-150-pink-slips/]Joystiq[/url]