Heatwave Launches, Promises ‘New Take’ On MMOGs

February 22, 2007

Veteran massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) designer and producer Anthony Castoro and accomplished entrepreneur Donn Clendenon announced today the formation of a new game studio, Heatwave Interactive.

Together, the duo promise “a new take on gaming” with an unspecified number of games already in pre-production. Officials also note that Heatwave is also preparing to discuss its future with investors at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

Castoro is perhaps best recognized for his work as a game designer and producer at Electronic Arts, where he worked on Ultima Online, and most recently as director of MMO games at Codemasters, where he contributed to such titles as the futuristic RF Online. Clendenon, on the other hand, is the founder of World Gaming Corporation, which was sold in December of 1999 to Women.com.

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