“Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank” Rolls Onto Xbox Live Arcade

January 12, 2007

The rumors that Popcap’s Heavy Weapon was coming to XLA turned out to be true. I just got an email going over some of the game’s features:

[*]Three game modes: Mission, Survival Arms Race and War Party, and Boss Rush
[*]Up to 4 players in Survival Mode locally or over Live
[*]Co-op Mission mode
[*]Six upgradeable secret weapons
[*]Nineteen missions with nukes, mega-lasers and more
[*]Ability to voice-chat with friends while battling together online
[*]Online leaderboards to track mission results
[*]Enhanced sound effects and original score
[*]Amazing enemy landscapes and graphics
[*]Expanded mayhem with full high-definition widescreen support
The game will be available on Wednesday, Jan. 17 @ 9am GMT (1 am PST) for 800 MS Points.