Help us out with a problem

November 17, 2004

Lately Snackbar Games has been picked up by some other sites, that list our reviews. That’s very cool and all, but they assign grades for us, which is pretty lame. We have strayed away from giving out grades to games in our review because the fear of setting a high precedence. Once the first 10 out of 10 is given, you must now measure every game by that standard. I often times see two games given a 10 in gamer mags, when one game is better then other hands down.

Also a review in the hands of a fan boy of a series is more then likely going to get an outstanding review. I think we have been pretty successful in disclaimering reviews with (This might be a tad bit biased, I am a fan boy of the series). I am very guilty of this with anything Square Enix related, Cone with anything platform related, and Pretz with most FPS games. What can I say we got our niches too, just like you guys.

Anyways we need a way to better describe how we feel about a game, right now the Crew, its writing staff and NEW editors just give it a rent, don’t bother, or buy status. We give a take on the game, what you do from their is your call. So hit us up with some ideas on how to better that system. Email them to one of us or post it on our forums.