Heroic Map Pack For Halo 3 Headed to Live On Dec. 11th

November 19, 2007

Microsoft announced today that the first part of a series of DLC packs for Halo 3 would be available on December 11th for 800 MS Points. The Heroic Map Pack contains 3 new maps that each represent a totally different style of play.

Standoff is a symmetrical valley which is perfect for mid-sized objective and Slayer type games.

Rat’s Nest is a vast labyrinth of passages that is perfect for big team battles.

Foundry is the ultimate Forge map where players can edit every single object in the massive industrial warehouse area. This will allow gamers to customize the level to fit any type of game play they are after.

The Heroic Map Pack will debut as a free download sometime in the Spring of 2008, shortly before the second wave of Multi-player maps becomes available.