Holiday Madness!!

December 9, 2003

Snackbarians…What is up? Sorry I have been absent from the site. My computer has been acting up so I have not been able to access the site. All is well now since I have my iMac to fall back on. Things are little hectic in the Pretzel realm, with several games to review and much drama going on. It’s needless to say that I have much on my plate. So anyways, just been reading a bunch of stuff on Splinter Cell 2, freaking can’t wait until that game comes out. Also been contemplating on buying Beyond Good and Evil, the trailer and the storyline is reeling me in. Also saw the trailer to Armed and Dangerous, I’m totally going to try it out. Played Deus Ex: Invisible War…I was totally pissed at it. Five minutes into and I almost fell asleep. I can’t review game that I end up falling asleep on after five minutes. So look out for a NFS: Underground review pretty soon folks.