Hudson Announces Star Soldier R for WiiWare

April 16, 2008

Hudson Entertainment announced today that they would be bringing Star Soldier R out as a WiiWare title for the Nintendo Wii.

Star Soldier R is a tourney style space shooter that features 2-Minute and 5-Minute modes where gamers race to achieve the highest score possible. Gamers can also test their trigger fingers in Quick Shot Mode. Once done, you’ll be able to head on over to the online leaderboards and see how you match up to other gamers in your region.

Star Soldier R is a vertical scrolling shooter that features a top down view and features a configurable control scheme to fit gamers’ personal preferences. No word on a release date for Star Soldier R.

Press Release

REDWOOD CITY, CA – April 16, 2008 – Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm of Hudson Soft, today announced that it is bringing Star Soldier R to WiiWareT on the WiiT. (ESRB Rating: E for Everybody, Fantasy Violence).

This tournament-style outer space shooter challenges players to achieve a high score in either a 2-Minute or 5-Minute Mode. In 2-Minute Mode, players have just enough time to battle through one action-packed stage and one giant boss. In 5-Minute Mode, they also have enough time to fight their way through a second level with its own boss. Additionally, players can play Quick Shot Mode to see if they have the fastest trigger fingers around! Once gamers have their scores, they can go to the online leaderboards to see how they compare with other players in their region and can keep playing to improve their ranking. There’s also significant depth and replay value to this challenging game, as players can keep practicing to learn all of the different strategies to achieve bonus points in both 2-Minute and 5-Minute Modes. If they discover them all, players might have a shot at having the top score in the world!

Like traditional vertically-scrolling shooters, the game features a top-down perspective and players fly from the bottom of the screen towards the top, shooting at any ship or structure that obstructs their path. As players progress, they can collect power-ups to increase their weapon or shield strength, and an all-new Force System enables gamers to collect up to five orbiting satellites that can be held close to the ship for defensive cover, or can be sent out for additional firepower. Players can also decide how they want to play, choosing from three control schemes – NunchukT and Wii RemoteT, Wii Remote only (held sideways) or the Classic ControllerT.

“There is a lot of excitement surrounding WiiWare and we are proud that Star Soldier R will be one of the titles available on the platform,” said John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment. “For Hudson, the potential of WiiWare is endless, and gamers can be certain that we will be bringing additional content to WiiWare in the coming months.”