Atelier Iris 3:Grand Phantasm Announced For PS2

February 27, 2007

Coming off the heels of the sexually uncomfortable Ar Tonelico, NIS America announced plans to localize Gust’s Atelier Iris 3:Grand Phantasm for the PlayStation 2. The game is currently pegged for a May release.

According to the company, Atelier Iris 3 will feature new designs, characters, and a new story with new gameplay systems that “give players more control and [a more] enjoyable game play experience by featuring the Active Cost Card Battle System and the Symbol Encounter System.” in addition NISA promises that the series synthesis item creation system will be “more interesting, creative and challenging” than previous games.

The game will also no longer feature random enemy encounters, with the game instead adopting of a symbol encounter system, which NISA notes will allow players to “visually confirm and engage [enemies].”

“We take great pride in providing a great gaming experience,” said Haru Akenaga, president of NIS America. “We welcome the new direction Atelier Iris 3 is taking with its combination of new game systems, design, and user friendliness; I can’t wait to play the U.S. version.”

We’re going to try to hunt down our NISA rep for an interview in the near future on this latest sequel.