Auto Assault Getting Another Major Update

March 5, 2007

NCsoft has announced the release of a fourth free update to its vehicle-based MMO for the PC, Auto Assault. The latest collection of additional content will include a new auction house, as well as the introduction of new vehicle chassis, a new tournament schedule, and several quality-of-life system improvements.

NCsoft officials describe the auction house as “one of the most important additions” to the game since its release, making it easier to profit from the game’s many loot drops. The auction house, for example, will enable lower-level players to obtain currency by selling material to higher-level players who can then craft more powerful weapons. The company adds that the auction house will feature an email system that will allow players in the same faction to send messages to each other regarding items up for auction as well as sending items via email.

The update also adds two new vehicle chassis, both of which are available at the INC vehicle stores. These include the Switter, a medium-sized chassis available for all classes, and the Backup, a small chassis usable by any scout class.

Rounding out the additional features are changes to the skills systems. NCsoft notes that balance between races has been improved “so success in player-versus-player combat will be based on skill rather than faction-based advantages.” Additionally, skill building has also been made easier to manage and understand.

Finally, Auto Assault tournaments have a new schedule and reward system built in, and the new tournament schedule system is timed to work for players regardless of their time-zone location. The tournaments have also been level-balanced so that all players can enjoy the experience, and additional loot and bigger rewards, the arena will be more profitable for all participants.