Chew Man Fu Headed To Virtual Console

February 21, 2007

Hudson confirmed that will bring the uber-colorful Turbografx-16 puzzler Chew Man Fu to the Wii Virtual Console within the next month, with a mobile phone version also set to be released at or around the same time as well. Hudson notes that the Wii version of the game will be playable alone, or with a friend in a special “2-player kickball mode.”

In Chew Man Fu, players roll four magic spheres onto tiles that match the each sphere’s respective color, while avoiding enemies, in order to complete each level. Each sphere has unique properties to discover, which add another element of puzzle solving to the game; for example, one ball is better at breaking walls than the others. It is up to the player to free the Egg Roll Kingdom from the curse of the evil wizard, Chew Man Fu.

Are we scraping the bottom of the Turbografx-16 library already? Surely not!