Empire Earth Expands For Third Outing

February 26, 2007

Officials from Vivendi Games subsidiary Sierra have announced plans for a third game in the long running Empire Earth RTS series for the PC. In development by Mad Doc Software, Empire Earth III will be available on PC this fall, and as expected will let players build and rule an empire from the ancient world to the distant future. The game will also offer the unique ability to keep units from one battle to the next rather than starting players with a new garrison of units with each new scenario.

“The Empire Earth series has been the recipient of much deserved praise from the media and fans alike, making it a multi-million unit selling franchise for Sierra Entertainment,” said Cindy Cook, chief strategy and marketing officer for Vivendi Games. “Empire Earth III will take the series to the next level with its ability to capture the entire scope of the globe and give it to the hands of the player.”