If you want to keep this pretty face, you will listen to my demands!!!

January 3, 2006

Ok, the first thing I want is a cup of Swiss Miss. No marshmallows! I want regular milk chocolate Swiss Miss. Best cocoa on the planet. I also want a nice cushy bean bag chair in a somewhat dark corner of the Snackbar Corporate Headquarters. I also request a Pillsbury Doughboy shrine. Oh, and I want somebody to dress up as Mario and jump around my office grabbing money out of the air while stomping on Goombas.

Oh… and a private restroom… with a hot tub! Oh… and my own private jet for when I make my public appearances in the San Antonio region. Oh… and diplomatic immunity so I can freely promote Snackbar globally without repercussion.

And I want a peanut… lightly salted… still in the shell.

And lots of fresh purified drinking water!

Now meet my demands, or I walk!

That’s right… Snackbar was in shambles before I decided to step up as the rescue crew. You know you don’t want to go back to the way things were with that ruthless dictator of chunky flavored ice around here. After all, we all know shaved ice is better than any snowcone out there.

So meet my demands, or else!

These boots are made for walkin…..

I like pizza Steve.