Gran Turismo HD Confirmed For Euro PS3 Launch

February 26, 2007

Sony’s European arm confirmed that “early adopters” of the PlayStation 3 will be able to immediately download the much anticipated Gran Turismo HD Concept over the PlayStation Network when the console launches on March 23. However, there won’t be a lot to see, as the game will only consist of a single track, though admittedly the content is free.

In Gran Turismo HD Concept, players are offered one car on the Eiger Nordwand track in the Swiss Alps. When the track is completed within the time limit, another car is unlocked. There are nine further cars to unlock in this way, including a Ferrari 599, marking the first time a Ferrari has appeared in Gran Turismo. In another first, Gran Turismo HD Concept’s Time Trial will allow players to rank themselves against other players on the PlayStation Network.