Jetpac Refuelled Hits XBLA

March 28, 2007

It’s Wednesday again, and Microsoft continues its streak of releases on Xbox Live Arcade for the fifth week in a row. This Wednesday sees the release of [i]Jetpac Refuelled[/i], an update of the classic game made by Ultimate, the predecessor of Rare, in 1983.

[i]Refuelled[/i] has you playing as an astronaut on several alien worlds. It’s your mission to zap the aliens while collecting the parts and fuel to build a spaceship to get off the planet and finish the level. As the usual standard, a demo is also available showcasing the first two levels of the game. Like [i]Geometry Wars[/i], the game features both a “Retro” version as well as the enhanced “Refuelled” version, and like most classic arcade games, goes for 400 Microsoft Points.