Monster Madness Slips To May, Gets Co-Op Live

March 13, 2007

Artificial Studios and publisher South Peak announced that the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC top down mutliplayer action game Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia has slipped slightly from its previously expected April release, and is now scheduled to launch for both platforms on May 15. Last week during GDC the game was touted as being “nearly finished”, and set to go off to Microsoft in “a couple weeks.”

Also interesting, it looks like the extra time might have been put towards making the game support 4 player co-op over Xbox Live according to statements made by Artificial Studios’s CEO Jeremy Stieglitz during a GDC demonstration of Unreal Engine 3, the engine that powers Monster Madness. This feature that has up until now been left strictly for local play, but has been requested by forum communities for some time. Look for this one to be one of the dark horse games to really shine for the Xbox 360 especially this summer.