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November 2, 2004

Lets see, this is a very busy weekend as we are gearing up for the Halo 2 release date. Cone, Dots, Pretz, myself and the crew are giving so many things away you might think we have gone mad. Although with this mammoth of a title on its way it is easy to forget some good games that are sitting on the shelves.

LoTR Third Age is that turn based RPG I have been craving, an escape from the Square Enix world is good from time to time. DOA Ultimate I promised myself I would pick up if for no other reason but to have my ass kicked via Live by the Wraith from our forums. GTA San Andreas looks damn good, though I have only put about a total of 20 minutes into the game. I like what I have played.

Anyways, consider that just a reminder, because I am so impulsive that I will go pick up a few new games with this new paycheck only to not play them for about a month because of friggin Halo 2. I never learn, but maybe I can get some good LoTR action in before that midnight hits. Hmmmmmmmmm.

By the way we are hitting up the paintball scene again, our community extends beyond video games sometimes, this is one of those times. Check the forums for more details.