Introducing: Gamer Laws

July 18, 2006

Ladies and gentlmen we introduce a pet project we are working on, the first ever Snackbar Games Gamer Laws. Our next podcast will be about the righteousness that is the Gamer Laws. With the popularity right now of the Man Laws we decided to put a twist on them ourselves, but what is our twist without yours?

So please, get creative and post away, we want to hear your Gamer Laws. What we will do is vote on air on your Laws. If there is a majority vote, your law gets placed as a Snackbar Games Gamer Law. Example you say? Very well…

I. Let it be written that an owner of a system always has dibs on Player 1.

II. Let it be written that Uwe Boll should never again make another video game adaptation.

III. Let it be written that any “Fantasy” RPG where character creation takes place the user must pick a name that fits the setting.

a. Add on to law III: Users may not use names from Fantasy books or movies ie Gandolf, Aragorn etc…

b. Add on to law III: Users also may not use names from gamer pop culture videos such as Galstaff…

And of course, send your audio feedback (would be great to have audio Gamer Laws) and last but not least, your What Are You Playing Now segments to [email protected]