Pokemon Battle Revolution As First Wii Game Playable Online

March 8, 2007

At the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo has confirmed that the upcoming Wii release Pokemon Battle Revolution will count among its numerous features the ability to be played over Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection, making the game the first Wii title that is playable online. In addition, the game will also be the first to allow connectivity between the Wii and the Nintendo DS, and the first that can be controlled using Nintendo DS

When Wii and Nintendo DS are linked, players can use their Nintendo DS handhelds as controllers or import characters from the upcoming Nintendo DS games Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl. Pokemon Battle Revolution launches on June 25.

“With strong third-party support, Wii and Nintendo DS have games on the way for both casual and veteran gamers,” says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “Our new ways to play have attracted millions of players around the world. This lineup demonstrates our commitment to leading the industry with the future of video gaming.”